Secure Enough for Business.  Simple Enough for Your Home.

ScenariosSmart Home, New Construction, Renovation
Built ForSecure Parent, Children, and Guest Wireless. Connected Home Automation, Connected Audio/Video, Multiple Devices


Qube Home offers security, wired, and wireless connectivity for your entire house.   Parental controls to limit access and control content.   Qube Home is built for the growing world of smart home devices.  Easily connect all of your family’s desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smart phones.  Securely connect home automation, audio/video solutions, climate control systems, security systems, and video devices.

Qube is compact, secure, and does not require any special power or cooling.  It can be mounted to a wall or placed under a desk.  Keep your family connected as well as secure.

Qube for Your Home
Qube for Your Home Office