About Qube

Qube® delivers results.  We are creating a more reliable, predictable and secure approach to technology delivering a sustainable solution to the rigorous demands placed on businesses and the increase pace of change driven by technology.

Sustainability in technology involves ensuring that the balance between the cost of technology and the value provided always remain positive. We refer to this as the value quotient and we believe the best way to achieve this is to design the complexity out of selecting, integration, implementing, and supporting technology infrastructure.

By working with leading manufacturers we design solutions that incorporate their highest value components and software. We then develop industry-specific reference architectures to ensure optimal synergy throughout all components of the solution. We then focus on ways to optimize integration and implementation, pre-configuring as much of the environment as possible and ensuring centralized management is an integral part of the overall solution.

The result is a purpose-built architecture that arrives plug and play, dramatically reducing implementation cost and time as well as providing a scalable environment that will adapt to changing requirements, providing long-term sustained value. Subsequently, our solutions require significantly less management, further curtailing overall costs and ensuring the value quotient not only remains positive but that actually improves over time.

We love our clients and welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can build our practice to be more relevant to your business. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

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