Qube Delivers Results.  

Our goal is to change the way companies approach technology, provide a superior customer experience, and deliver tremendous value for our customers.

Qube was developed from the ground up to be focused on building and optimizing infrastructures that enable our clients’ journey to the cloud, regardless of where they are today, how extensive they are interested in leveraging cloud technologies, and how quickly they are looking to adopt these new capabilities.  Our business value approach ensures the priorities of our clients’ business are held as paramount throughout the assessment, design, and implementation phases. In short the success of our solutions are measured solely on the value they drive for your business.

We enjoy the dynamics of building client’s networks and data center technologies as well as enabling other technology partners on building and transforming their own practices.

We love our clients and welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can build our practice to be more relevant to your business.

Tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on!


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c/o Ubiquity, Inc.
155 North Wacker Drive
Suite 4250
Chicago, IL 60606
+1 866.618.8850