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Pacific Controls announces a strategic partnership with Qube; launches the region’s first Network-as-a-Service model

Qube and Pacific Controls bring the benefits of complete end-to-end solutions

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 30, 2018: Pacific Controls, a global provider of end-to-end ICT enabled Managed Services and IOT based converged engineering solutions for buildings and infrastructure projects, has announced a strategic partnership with Chicago-based Qube® to deliver a completely revolutionary approach to technology infrastructure.

Pacific Controls announces a strategic partnership with Qube

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Sanjay Nayak, CEO of Pacific Controls, said: We have been pioneers in providing innovative and disruptive technologies to the market. Today, ICT infrastructure is increasingly being managed across on-premise, co-located and cloud environments. This requires a trusted, flexible and scalable framework that allows for frictionless transition across the environments. We are pleased to leverage Qube’s IT as a System™ approach to launch the first Network-as-a-Service offering in the region

Collectively, Pacific Controls and Qube solutions will allow organizations to manage their ICT infrastructure seamlessly while reducing cost at every stage of the evaluation, configuration, integration, implementation, support, and upgradation cycle he added.

UAE is a leader in adopting innovative technology and processes, and at Qube we are proud to bring our IT as a System™ to this region. The partnership with Pacific Controls is ideal as they have enterprise-level expertise and proven track record. Together we have an amazing opportunity to help companies leverage the data locked within their devices to create real business value, said Qube® Founder and CEO, Robert Mueller.

Together, Pacific Controls and Qube believe an effective technology architecture should incorporate solutions that are designed to work together as a system and should be built around reliable partners to remain sustainable.

Customers can configure Qube through an online Qube Builder on Pacific Controls’ Portal, dynamically displaying best practice reference designs, which incorporate years of experience in resource building and innovative solution architecture and consulting expertise. Once the order is placed, the logical configuration begins, and the physical assembly of the components occurs.

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