Qube for

Law Enforcement

IndustryLaw Enforcement
ScenariosPolice Stations, Investigation Sites, Crime Scenes
Built ForSecure Indoor and Outdoor Wireless, Multiple Locations, Challenging Environments


 Qube provides everything needed for a complete technology solution including secure indoor and outdoor wireless.  Qube is compact, secure, and does not require any special power or cooling.  It can be mounted to a wall or placed under a desk.

Securely connect building control systems, audio/video solutions, climate control systems, and surveillance systems.

Qube COMMAND is perfect for challenging environments and temporary locations such as rescue sites and investigation deployments.  Qube contains all wired and wireless capabilities for your team as well as connections for cellular and satellite internet.

Whether managing 1 Qube or thousands of Qubes, multiple sites can easily be managed from a single dashboard, making moves, adds, and changes a breeze.  

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