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Qube Releases Disruptive Approach to Technology Infrastructure

The Birth of Cloud Ready Architecture
Chicago, IL, February, 24, 2017 – Ubiquity, Inc. announces Qube™, a completely revolutionary approach to technology infrastructure.  Qube evolves technology infrastructure to keep pace with the cloud era.  Although cloud solutions have seen billions in growth over the last several years, and many businesses are realizing the value of procuring IT as a Service, the approach to on-premise infrastructure has remained relatively unchanged.  Qube sets out to bring the benefits of IT as a Service to the on-premise infrastructure including WAN connectivity, security, networking, collaboration, and virtualization infrastructure.
Much of the momentum that is shifting to cloud solutions involves 5 core tenets:Self-Service Access, On-Demand Provisioning,  Consumption-based Economics, Elastic Scalability, and Anywhere Access.  Qube believes these benefits of cloud can be applied to security, networking, collaboration, and computing capabilities, on premise.
Qube leverages several Cisco technologies, including their cloud-managed security, networking, and wireless solution-Meraki- and their cloud collaboration solution- Spark.  Qube believes an effective technology architecture should incorporate solutions that are designed to work together, and should be built around reliable partners to remain sustainable.  Qube intends to build on Cisco’s #1 leadership position in networking, security, and collaboration, to deliver on the promise of Cloud Ready Architecturepredictably, reliably, and securely.
Customers can configure Qube through an online portal, dynamically displaying best practice reference designs, which incorporate years of solution architecture and consulting expertise.  If virtualization infrastructure is needed, a Qube Hybrid is recommended which leverages Cisco’s HyperFlex hyper-converged infrastructure.  Customers then enter the number of users their Qube needs to support, and the recommended security, networking, and wireless equipment is automatically recommended.  Adjustments can then be made depending on the customer’s unique requirements, if needed.  Collaboration capabilities can also be added which incorporate enterprise voice, video, messaging, and meeting capabilities as well as the latest phones, and video endpoints.  Additional security monitoring capabilities can be added based on Cisco’s leading Umbrella solution, as well as a full Virtual Office solution built around an enterprise Citrix infrastructure for delivering Windows applications anywhere on any device.
Once the order for Qube is placed, the logical configuration begins and the physical assembly of the components occurs.  From there, it’s just shipping time for the Qube to arrive fully assembled.  Out of the box, Qube is fully configured; the customer simply needs to connect power, internet, and their devices.  Qube provides on-site smart hands to assist with any cabling connectivity, mounting of the Qube, and connecting devices as needed.
To truly deliver on the benefits of cloud, Qube provides the entire solution inclusive of hardware, licensing, support, and management on a single monthly bill.  As organizations grow, Qube is scalable based on increasing required components and licensing and dynamically adjusting the monthly bill.  If an organization shrinks, their bill will decrease as well.
“We believe Qube is revolutionary and truly disruptive in the IT industry.  Never before have we seen the benefits of cloud capabilities delivered to the infrastructure in a compelling and accessible way,” says Comstor, a leading Cisco Distributor.   Qube allows organizations to reduce their costs in evaluating, implementing, updating, upgrading, and supporting their IT infrastructure which Gartner estimates is 70-80% IT spend.  This amounts to a trillion dollar industry involving manufacturers, resellers, distributors, and service organizations.  Qube allows organizations to shift their time and money from supporting IT and invest it into finding ways for technology to drive growth and revenue oil their business.  “We want our industry to move past us supporting equipment and focus on technology truly adding value to business.”  While technology infrastructure is a necessary part of technology, Qube believes this can be achieved in a more effective, reliable, and sustainable way.  Simply put “As long as 70 percent of our customers’ time is spent baby-sitting equipment, it is going to be extremely difficult for them to focus their efforts on making technology truly transformative in their business.” – Founder, Robert Mueller
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About Qube™
Qube is a cloud ready architecture company focusing on enabling companies of any size with enterprise-grade technology that is predictable, reliable, and secure.  Most importantly, Qube sets out to ensure technology is affordable as technology evolves and as companies grow.
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